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    Fearlessness, boldness, and versatility!
    The WX VAPOR infuses its lightweight frame with an aggressive design, an outstanding field of view, and thin rubber-tipped temples to give a unique, bold look, packed with versatility.
    The flexible frame guarantees a fit on all head shapes, and the rubberized Twist Lock nosepiece ensures a superior grip during almost any activity.
    Available in both two- and three-lens kits, you have the power to change the lenses as needed for your lighting conditions and environment.
    Designed with style and comfort in mind, the WX VAPOR is here to keep you safe from unexpected impacts.

    LENSES : NEW MODEL OF 2.5 mm

    The grey lenses absorb all colors equally, making them preserve the same color perception as without sunglasses. They are perfect in bright light conditions, they ensure maximum glare reduction, and are perfect for all outdoor sports in bright conditions, including golf, running, and cycling.
    100% UVA/UVB protective

    With these lenses you get maximum light transmission, making you see the precise color values. Ideal for hazy or overcast weather, as well as dusk/dawn conditions and indoor use. Perfect for indoor sports like squash, tennis, handball, and futsal, and hunting in the early hours.
    100% UVA/UVB protective

    Leash Cord, Adjustable Twist Lock Nosepiece, Rubberized Temples, Interchangeable Lenses

    Can be made with prescription lenses, using a Prescription Insert (TLRX).

    Weight (Kg): 0.16

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