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  • Description

    Lightweight, ultra-ventilated, powerful. The UYN MOVER shoe is designed for long hours on your feet or walking. Made from a combination of Merino wool and recycled polyamide, it keeps the foot at the ideal temperature and quickly absorbs sweat. The elastic upper with patented AIR DUAL ventilation system features special reinforcements to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and dynamic activities. The U-GRIP sole ensures an optimal connection with the ground.

    - One-piece upper made from a blend of extra-fine Merino wool and recycled polyamide: ultra-elastic, breathable and thermo-regulating.
    - Patented AIR DUAL ventilation system, integrated in the upper. The fine knit structure allows moisture to escape while preventing water penetration.
    - Insole made of Merino wool and recycled felt.
    - The most exposed areas feature advanced cut and tear protection, achieved through the extraction and stabilisation of polyurethane yarns.
    - The U-GRIP sole with rubber tread and Adaptive Lugs provides maximum traction on uneven and wet surfaces.

    Weight: 0.93 Kg

    Dimensions: 34 cm x 20 cm x 0 cm

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