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Defcon 5 S.r.l.

Our mission is in our name.

DEFCON, the U.S. acronym for DEFense CONdition, tells of the highest degree of protection and efficacy of our products. All our items are immediately available and ensure a high-performance in all events and weather conditions. DEFCON 5, the minimum danger level codified, conveys the sense of maximum defence and security guaranteed.

Unity is strength, like in a family

A leading company in Italy, DEFCON 5 was founded within the well-established, historical FOX group, which headquarters are in Maniago, City of Knives. A long-lasting and fierce family history, a personal vocation to design and great experience in the field of military supplies are our strengths. Thanks to distributors in Germany, France and Spain, and an extensive network of agents, DEFCON 5 is a benchmark on the world market.

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Defcon 5 S.r.l.

Time is our ally.

We offer new and well-established military gear and accessories for the Italian and foreign Armies, with the highest certified quality. We work also on projects and solutions for Defence and Security, all characterised by a high level of innovation and a rigorous choice of materials. In our laboratories, we anticipate the needs of our Customers, offering answers that define new standards. Before our articles go into production, they are tested for utility and reliability by our associates, engaged in different operational theatres. Our fully digitalized warehouse ensures real-time data exchange, traceability and availability of products, fast orders and immediate delivery.